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Earning ability and marital contribution in alimony
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Earning ability and marital contribution in alimony

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2023 | Divorce, Spousal Support

Alimony is relatively common in Florida divorce, but there are many questions surrounding it.

Knowing what factors the court will look at when considering alimony is a fundamental part of being prepared for your case.

Factors for alimony

According to state law, there are many factors used to decide on alimony, also known as spousal support. These include the standard of living from the marriage, how long the couple was married, their conditions and ages, and their financial resources.

Courts also examine each party’s potential for earning a living in the future.

A person who does not have extensive skills, does not have vocational training and did not achieve a high level of education does not have great employment options, and the court will take this into account. Alimony payments can account for the time it takes for them to gain skills and education so they can achieve a level of self-support comparable to their standard of living during the marriage.

In many marriages, one person is the primary breadwinner while the other works as a homemaker and stay-at-home parent. This contributes to the earning spouse’s advancement. They might have helped with a business or paid for the other person’s education.

Alimony can be a difficult topic and people need advice during a divorce

The person who was the primary earner in the household will inevitably want to know how much they are expected to pay and for how long. The receiving party will also need to have answers regarding the level of support they will receive to maintain their lifestyle from the marriage and make ends meet.

To ensure that there is a fair and reasonable outcome based on the circumstances, it is important to have assistance with calculating alimony in your family law case.