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Co-parenting tips for Florida parents
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Co-parenting tips for Florida parents

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2023 | Child Custody

Raising a child comes with unexpected challenges, and the situation often becomes more complicated when you and your child’s other parent are no longer together.

Florida courts typically award parents joint legal custody. Legal custody involves making major decisions for your child, such as medical, educational or religious decisions.

Joint legal custody means you and your co-parent have an equal say in these decisions. You must also navigate your physical custody schedule, which is who your child lives with and when.


This requires open, honest and clear communication between you and your co-parent. When you disagree on something, you have a right to express your thoughts on the issue, but remember that your co-parent does, as well.

Listen to their side and do not get stuck on “being right” or “winning.” Remember that your focus should be on your children and what is best for them.

Handling your emotions

The end of a marriage or relationship comes with many messy emotions, such as anger, hurt and sadness, which can take a long time to get over. Learn to put these emotions aside when it comes to making co-parenting decisions.

This does not mean you should ignore or suppress these emotions. They are legitimate. Find a separate, healthy way to handle them, such as talking with a therapist or seeking support from friends or family.

Benefits of co-parenting

Good co-parenting has several benefits for children. They feel more secure and know what to expect. Getting conflicting messages from parents about what they can or cannot do can cause them to feel confused and overwhelmed, sometimes resulting in rebellion.

Additionally, the way you co-parent sets an example for your children. Co-parenting involves problem solving, and this is an opportunity for you to show your children what good problem-solving skills look like.

No co-parenting relationship is perfect, and conflict is not completely avoidable. But these tips can help you handle that conflict in a healthy manner.