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How should older people plan for post-divorce life?
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How should older people plan for post-divorce life?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2023 | Divorce

Our readers know that Florida is a haven for older Americans who are looking to spend their retirement years in a comfortable climate. However, some of our readers may not know that, in recent years, the divorce rates for older married couples have been climbing. This is a phenomenon commonly referred to as gray divorce. 

There are many different potential reasons for this increase, but oftentimes the reasons are the same as they are for divorces among younger demographics – the couple just drifts apart and believe they will be happier on their own.

Divorces for older couples usually come with fewer legal issues to resolve. After all, typically, for older couples – usually age 50 or older to be considered a gray divorce – their children have grown up. So, child custody and child support will not be issues in the divorce case. But, there will still be the issue of property and debt division, and perhaps alimony as well.

Moving toward post-divorce life

As an older Florida resident moves toward a divorce, through the legal case and, ultimately, toward a newly-single life, there is quite a bit to prepare for. When it comes to post-divorce life, how can you prepare yourself for that new reality?

A recent news article mentioned a few tips for grappling with post-divorce life as an older divorcee. For example, the article suggested, first and foremost, addressing and accepting the emotional toll the divorce may have taken on you. Other suggestions were to maintain boundaries with adult children, prioritize self-care and stay socially active, among others. In the end though, your post-divorce situation will be unique, so be sure to plan accordingly for your own individual needs.